How to Make Things Happen without a Big Budget

BY: David Hieatt

Founder of Howies and the ‘Do Lectures’ David Hieatt gives an invaluable insight into the Tao of Do and how to turn ideas into realities as well as talking about his latest venture – The Hiut Denim Company – which aims to bring back the denim industry to Cardigan in West Wales, which used to produce 35,000 pairs of jeans a week and employ 400 people.

Designing a Greener Future

BY: Luke Palmer

Luke Palmer from design and manufacture company Orangebox talks about their commitment to designing products that minimise environmental impact from conception through to end of life ownership, which led to the company winning an award for their commitment to sustainable manufacturing. 

The Influence of Science Fiction on Innovation

BY: Jon Turney

Writer Jon Turney talks about how we imagine the future of technology through design, speculation, and science fiction and how our views change as we experience the advent of new technologies, and react to an increasing accumulation of images of futures past.

The Recipe for a Successful Business


Cardiff based business woman and entrepreneur Kemi Nevins shares what she believes are the key ingredients to making a successful business, which has lead her from being a nurse to owning a string of successful cafés throughout the city as well as her own cooking school

Conversation, Charisma, and Chance


Phillip Mackenzie from the Sherman Cymru Theatre talks about the art of conversation and his theatrical experiment Kontakt, which has been hailed as a groundbreaking exploration into how we communicate and learn from one another.


The Future Classroom Today

BY: Simon Pridham

Digital Advisor to the Welsh Government Simon Pridham transformed a small village school into one of the UK's most innovative and successful exponents in using technology to raise standards. He outlines his vision of how education will naturally evolve in the next decade and how schools should see technology as important as literacy and numeracy. 

Harnessing the Power of the T-Cell Army

BY: Andy Sewell

Professor Andy Sewell describes how new knowledge discovered by his pioneering team based in Cardiff University allows us to beneficially harness the power of the immune system – by manipulating T-cells - to reveal the causes of autoimmune disease. This information has resulted in exciting advances against cancer and is providing new concepts for treatment of infectious diseases.